1 Lane Of Traffic Open Each Way Near Greenville Sink Hole

by Michael Mosher on July 6, 2012


July 6, 2012 Update 5:30 a.m.

A water main break at N. Pleasantburg Drive and Villa Road caused the concrete to cave in on Thursday, leading to a massive sink hole.  Crews repaired the pipe and continued paving on Friday morning. Greenville Police said one lane of traffic would be open each way near the intersection until noon or later on Friday. 

You can avoid the backups and delays:

If you’re heading south on Pleasantburg: Take East North Street in either direction.

If you’re heading north, you can use Century Drive or Villa Road.

July 5, 2012 Update

Traffic was murder trying to get out Villa Road going that way,” said driver BJ Bowles.

A huge mess on North Pleasantburg Drive forced Bowles and other drivers to find a new way from work. A sink hole in the southbound lane caused headaches and traffic trouble Thursday morning.

According to Greenville Water System a 12-inch pipe burst, flooding the area. Lanes on both sides of North Pleasantburg closed as crews got to work. 

“This is one small stretch, one stick of pipe that cracked. This is the nature of the business,” said Murray Dodd with Greenville Water System. 

Crews hope to finish repairs by noon Friday. Some lanes will be closed off throughout Friday morning.

The City of Greenville wants drivers to avoid the area if they can and find a new route to work Friday. 

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