15-foot sinkhole opens in Suwannee County

by Michael Mosher on June 21, 2017


SUWANNEE COUNTY, Fla. (WCTV) — A 15-foot long has has flared back up over the weekend.

County officials have blocked off 182nd Street for safety measures and say it’s the third time the sinkhole has reopened. Each time, it has been refilled with cement.

According to residents, like Mary Bogun, it’s another day and another sinkhole.

“All the sudden, there’s a sinkhole. It’s something to see and it’s pretty scary to know you could lose your land to a sinkhole,” says Bogun, who just bought a five-acre lot for her family.

She lost an entire acre to a sinkhole.

“What do you do?” Bogun asks. “You can’t fill them in because they’re just going to keep opening up again.”

WCTV has reached out to emergency management, but has yet to hear back. There has been no word on when repairs will be finished or when the road will reopen.




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