2 Northeast D.C. homes evacuated after sinkhole forms

by Michael Mosher on March 5, 2018

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A sinkhole that formed earlier this month has forced the evacuation of two D.C. homes.

Residents of the two homes in the 4900 block of Jay Street, NE said the sinkhole formed on Feb. 18, causing the back of one of the two homes to collapse. Firefighters who inspected the scene told the residents they needed to leave the homes.

The DCRA also has deemed the homes structurally unsafe and has since posted signs saying as much.

Both homes used to be part of an apartment complex with a single boiler before they were converted to single family homes. As a result, that led to corrosion and collection of water in the basement that potentially led to the collapse.

DCRA said it does not make repairs on private property, leaving the homes and those who live in them in limbo.



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