3D-printed house built in just three hours in China

by Michael Mosher on August 6, 2015

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A 3D-printed house has been built in just three hours in one of China’s capital cities.

The individual modules of a dining room, kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms were assembled by Chinese developer Zhuoda Group on a site in Xi’an earlier this month.

Sina English reports most of the building, comprising six modules, was produced in a factory ahead of time and then put together with several workers and a crane.

Each module weighs more than 100 kilograms and the cost of the materials ranged from 2500 yuan to 3500 yuan ($551 to $770) a square metre.

According to An Yongliang, a developing engineer of Zhuoda Group, their method significantly reduced the typical time frame to build a traditional villa; from half-a-year to a mere 10 days from production to installation.

Despite its speedy construction, the engineer claims the building can withstand earthquakes because each module bears its own weight.

The steel-framed structure could also be filled with heat-insulating materials to keep the home warm in winter.

After completion, the public were welcomed into the house to tour the modern interior, complete with furnishings and utilities.

Though the villa has taken 3D printing to yet another level, it’s one among many impressive buildings that have been constructed with the technology in recent years.

In January, the WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co built a five-storey apartment block in China’s Suzhou Industrial Park.

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