Beagle Trapped in Sink Hole Reunited With Family

by Michael Mosher on July 3, 2012

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One Hastings family is happily reunited with their dog, Buddy, after he disappeared from their rural Hastings home.

Seth Krueger says his family’s 7-year-old beagle Buddy disappeared from their property one day in late June.

“He was there in the morning, and then that afternoon he had left and I couldn’t find him,” Krueger says.

He says they consider Buddy a member of their family and feared the worst. Seth’s daughter Gaby says she was scared.

“That night he didn’t come home, so I figured in the morning we would go and look to see if he had gotten run over by a car or something,” Krueger says.

The family spent nearly two days searching for Buddy, before they heard a faint barking coming from a ditch about 100 yards from their rural Hastings home.

“He fell in a hole over there on the road,” Gaby says. “Mommy could hear him in the hole.”

Seth says that sink hole was at least 18 feet deep, and almost entirely covered with grass.

“Nobody could see it,” he says. “I got down on my hands and knees and laid down and reached down there as far as I could.”

Krueger says he was eventually able to reach Buddy and pull him out of the hole. He says Buddy was covered in mud and scared, but didn’t have any injuries. The family believes Buddy had been trapped in the sink hole for at least 30 hours.

He says it was an exciting reunion for the entire family, and they’re thankful they were able to find him as quickly as they did.

They’re also thankful the sink hole didn’t cause any injuries. It has since been filled in, but Seth says it was along the road where people walk and he and his wife Kim often ride horses with their kids.

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