Columbia County Sink Hole Gets Attention, Homeowner Says It’s Not Enough

by Michael Mosher on June 25, 2014

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Columbia County, GA –

Edward Eudell, a Columbia County homeowner tells News Channel 6, “our wedding anniversary was the 6th of July and we got a wedding present of a flood on the 10th of July.”

Eudell and his wife of 44 years have been living with a neighbor since massive flooding forced them out of their home earlier this month.

“We got close to a foot in one part of the house and as it went through and the walls blocked it’s flow we got less and less as we got over towards the kitchen. Still in the kitchen we got six or seven inches,” he explains.

That same flood caused an old pipe to burst, opening up sink hole on the edge of their property line. Eudell says he put in multiple calls to Columbia County administrators about both his home and the sink hole.

Steps to patch up the sinkhole repair are already under way. However, Mr. Eudell says that the damage done to his home is a financial burden the Columbia County government has dumped entirely on him and his wife.

Columbia County engineer, Ronald Hutto says, the county is doing their part to prevent future issues for each neighborhood that runs along the basin.

He says, “our systems are not designed to handle massive rain fall and at this location over here, we had over five inches of rain in 30 minutes.”

A tremendous amount for water in the low-lying area. Hutto says crews are doing all they can to correct the problem quickly, but it’s going to take time, money and good weather.

Hutto adds, “if we hadn’t had bad weather yesterday, we would have had the pipe in yesterday.”

Hutto tells me that the project costs Columbia County more than 150 thousand dollars. So, if the weather permits, he expects the reconstruction to wrap up by the end of next week.

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