Concrete Piers

What is a Concrete Pier?

Concrete Piers used for foundation repair are an adjustable, preformed supplemental support system installed under wood frame houses and crawl spaces to stabilize and lift failing joists, beams, and re-level the interior of the floor. Settling of columns in a crawlspace is most often caused by deterioration of the original brick pier which was installed by the builder some time ago. Other times, the wood framing underneath the home begins to sag where there are no concrete piers for support. Excess moisture and wood rot can also cause beams and joists to weaken over time.

Each Concrete Pier can be loaded and support up to 2,000 lbs. They provide Immediate stabilization and results and with the ability to install in tight conditions where height or access is limited (18″ minimum), they are a great cost effective repair option.

These preformed piers and their foundation bases are first cast in the concrete mold then removed and allowed to cure for 28 days. Once the concrete piers and bases are finished curing, the lifting assembly is inserted into the middle of the Concrete Pier and is then ready for transportation and use under your home.

How are Concrete Piers installed?

  1. Access to the crawlspace beneath your home is found or created.
  2. All materials are moved from the truck to your crawlspace.
  3. Foundation pads are installed at the foot of the installation points.
  4. Concrete Piers are loaded on the foundation pads and lifting assemblies are rotated until the installation point starts to lift.
  5. All tools and equipment is removed and access point is closed up.

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