Confirmed Sinkhole Activity – What does that mean?

Confirmed sinkhole activity is an industry term referring to the possible results of a geotechnical investigation performed by a licensed Geologist usually at the request of your insurance company in response to a sinkhole insurance claim made by the homeowner. The Geologist will either find no evidence of sinkhole activity at your property or will find confirmed sinkhole activity through appropriate testing.

Florida Statute 627.707

If the insurer confirms that structural damage exists but is unable to identify a valid cause of such damage or discovers that such damage is consistent with sinkhole loss, the insurer shall engage a professional engineer or a professional geologist to conduct testing as provided in s. 627.7072 to determine the cause of the loss within a reasonable professional probability and issue a report as provided in s. 627.7073, only if sinkhole loss is covered under the policy. Except as provided in subsections (4) and (6), the fees and costs of the professional engineer or professional geologist shall be paid by the insurer.

(5) If a sinkhole loss is verified (Confirmed Sinkhole Activity), the insurer shall pay to stabilize the land and building and repair the foundation in accordance with the recommendations of the professional engineer retained pursuant to subsection (2), with notice to the policyholder, subject to the coverage and terms of the policy. The insurer shall pay for other repairs to the structure and contents in accordance with the terms of the policy. If a covered building suffers a sinkhole loss or a catastrophic ground cover collapse, the insured must repair such damage or loss in accordance with the insurer’s professional engineer’s recommended repairs. However, if the insurer’s professional engineer determines that the repair cannot be completed within policy limits, the insurer must pay to complete the repairs recommended by the insurer’s professional engineer or tender the policy limits to the policyholder.


Usually when sinkhole activity is confirmed, that’s when the sinkhole repair process begins and you’re on your way to getting your house fixed.