Crews work to fill 3 depressions near Port Richey homes

by Michael Mosher on June 28, 2015

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Engineering crews are working to fill the depressions that opened up in the Port Richey neighborhood Friday causing voluntary evacuations overnight.

Firefighters responded to 7425 Neva Lane at 4:55 p.m. Friday. They found one depression which was 10 to 20 feet in diameter and 15 feet deep and two smaller ones. No injuries have been reported.

Laura King admits she is a mess. She is one of a handful of Port Richey residents strongly urged to evacuate, after the depressions opened up in their Neva Lane neighborhood.  Fire Chief Andrew Fossa said there was concern the depressions, near 7425 Neva Lane, could increase in size overnight.

“We’ve made some voluntary evacuations. We’re asking residents to leave.  We are not mandating that they leave,” Fossa said.  “It’s up to them if they would like. This house has voluntarily evacuated. The house down there has been evacuated, and now we’re going on the street behind these residents asking for voluntary evacuations overnight. ”

Fossa says several sinkholes opened up under a nearby home, and a remediation company was working to fill those.  Authorities believe that work triggered additional depressions to form nearby.  That company will be back on scene Saturday morning to start filling the depressions.  If that proves successful, they will then resume work on the original sinkhole.

Authorities are waiting for a geologist to confirm the depressions are indeed sinkholes.

“I’m concerned my house is going to go and everything in it,” King said. “I can’t take everything with me that means something to me.  You can’t take what you want.  We’re afraid of losing everything we’ve worked for.”


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