Crews work to repair sinkhole near Piedmont Park

by Michael Mosher on August 13, 2012

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Atlanta crews are working to repair a sinkhole that shut down Elmwood Road near Piedmont Park.

Residents said they were concerned to see the huge hole, which nearly spans the width of the  street. 

“It’s scary to know that can happen. That a car could have sunk into that thing all the way,” said Fred McKeithen. 

When the pavement suddenly crumbled on Thursday, it swallowed a construction truck delivering wood.

“They had pulled up to do construction and bring materials to the house they are building and I guess the weight was too much for it,” said Lydia Prim. 

“It was backing up and all of the sudden the road collapsed,” said John Russell. 

Workers  must now replace a pipe that was damaged in the impact.

“It’s really unusual to have that big of a sinkhole just all of a sudden. It just blew away,” said McKeithen. 

But neighbors say the possibility of trouble has been in the area for some time. 

“There was an issue right next to it. There was another sinkhole,” said Russell. “Seemed like an indication that maybe there are unsettling things here.”

Residents are watching the crews work,  hoping they’ll have no more surprises on the surface they drive and park each day. 

“Hopefully we won’t end up six feet under or on our way to China or something like that,” said Prim. 

City public works officials say the hole is construction-related. They’re still working to figure out the exact cause.  Crews will continue to fix the problem through the weekend.

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