Debby creates dozens of sinkholes in Hernando County

by Michael Mosher on June 27, 2012

It’s not just the relentless rain and sudden wind gusts that make Tropical Storm Debby so punishing as it leaves behind a mess of flooding and scattered debris across the Tampa Bay area.

Debby has now opened up the earth, creating dozens of sinkholes in Hernando County.

In the Trillium community of Brooksville, at least 15 sinkholes, some fairly large, sliced up several front and back yards around homes starting late Sunday night. One sinkhole that is just a few feet away from a house is around 25 feet wide and 15 feet deep.

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office is also reporting about 30 sinkholes in the area of Mariner Boulevard and Claymore Street.

A sinkhole also opened up under the taxiway at the Brooksville airport, deputies said.

Christine Greene, a homeowner at Trillium, snapped photos as crews scooped dirt into the gaping crevice in her front yard.

“I’m just shocked how all the neighbors were hit at one time, said Green. “I could understand if it was one hole. But all the neighbors at one time, that’s just a little weird. Thanks Debby!”

Neighbors gathered in clusters outside their homes in Trillium to discuss strategies over insurance, adjustors, and attorneys. Most don’t have separate sinkhole insurance and are worried about the stability of their homes.

Public claims adjustors are going door to door to see if homeowners need assistance in getting their homes tested for ground strength.

Nearby, a depression on Quality Drive is causing concern among county officials. About 225 feet of the road is closed between Spring Hill Regional Hospital and Suncoast Elementary School. It will remain closed until repairs can be made.


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