Family dog gets stuck in sinkhole

by Michael Mosher on July 1, 2012

Eight year-old Buddy the beagle is a typical hound, always trying to chase a scent.

“Friday morning last week is the last time we had seen him. Normally he’s out in the yard,” said Kim Krueger of Hastings who is Buddy’s owner. 

Last Friday Buddy went on a run with a cattle dog but didn’t come return home. 

“We were so scared, obviously for the worst, that he had been killed,” Krueger said. 

The Krueger’s searched for nearly two days for their beloved family dog.

“We were on the four wheeler trying to find him,” said Gaby Krueger. 

But one guardian cattle dog knew where Buddy was all along.

“His name is Dingo. He would go out and lay in the center of the road directly across from the hole where Buddy had fallen in,” said Krueger.

“He was looking for Buddy,” Gaby added. 

Saturday evening they heard Buddy barking from a ditch.

“We couldn’t see him but we could hear him barking,” said Krueger.

“He got stuck in a hole and he couldn’t get out,” said Grady Krueger.

“Buddy was stuck for over 30 hours,” said News 5’s Katie Gauthier. “The hole has since been filled in. It used to look like patchy green grass, so you actually couldn’t even tell that there was a hole.”

“Seth carefully went down into the ditch and just literally had to bend down into the ditch and grab him and try and pull him out,” said Krueger.

“His face was all muddy and everything,” Gaby added.

Now Buddy can once again run free, all because of a cattle dog that wouldn’t leave his side.

“He really was trying to tell us ya know that that’s where Buddy was,” said Krueger. “We’re just lucky that we found him.”

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