Fasteel Piering Systems

Why We Use FASTEEL Systems 

  • PRODUCT: A complete range of fully customizable helical and hydraulically driven foundation stabilization products.             
  •  ENGINEERING: An in-house engineering support team with a full compliment of technical personnel and years of combined deep foundation and tie-back experience to assist in the design of a custom foundation stabilization solution for each project.              
  • INSTALLATION: A meticulously selected and trained professional organization of Certified Dealers to install the custom solution exactly as designed.

FASTEEL Systems geotechnical and structural engineering expertise in deep foundation construction projects can solve even the most difficult commercial, industrial and residential foundation stabilization problems. 

FASTEEL Systems employs multi-faceted capabilities and innovative techniques utilizing both helical- and hydraulically-driven piering systems that will be customized if required to address any challenge of a deep foundation or tie-back project. Products include helical anchors, helical piles, hydraulically driven piers, tension anchors, grouted piers, electric pole foundations, and earth retention systems.


Champion Foundation Repair uses Fasteel Systems for all their Underpinning products.

 You can download our FASTEEL Brochure here… 

Fasteel Brochure