Florida girl falls in sinkhole head first, climbs out on her own

by Michael Mosher on July 7, 2012

Chiefland, Florida — “I was scared because i didn’t see anybody, and it was too dark in there.”

The “in there” Ashlyn is talking about is a sinkhole she fell into in the southeast corner of the yard.

“I didn’t know it was right there and it was soft.”

That’s when her night took a turn for the worse.

“I fell in the sinkhole, with no hands.”

Ashlyn fell into the sinkhole head first hitting the side wall before reaching the bottom. She says she was in pain but, without anyone in earshot, she knew she had to do something.

Ashlyn says she pulled out a handheld video game and used its light to find her way out.

“I got on a root in front of me, and i put my feet on that and pulled myself up, then I got on the root that was up top and I got out.”

So root by root, Ashlyn managed to climb out of the hole by herself– a feat her mother can hardly believe.

“I think she was a very smart child. I thank god that she didn’t panic.”

Upon climbing out of the hole, Venisa called the paramedics who transported Ashlyn to Shands for observation.

“They wanted to check on her spinal to make sure, and she was having abdominal pain as well, so they wanted to check everything out to make sure.”

The night was bad enough, but Venisa knows it could have been much worse and she’s just grateful her child will be all right.

“I thank god the angels were around her.”

And as for Ashlyn, she told me she won’t stop riding her bike in the yard. She just might do it a little bit differently

“Keep my eyes on the street or whatever I’m riding on.”

A road that will hopefully be less traveled.

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