Giant sinkhole swallowing up Windermere home’s front lawn

by Michael Mosher on November 15, 2012

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A sinkhole close to 60 feet wide and 10 feet deep is swallowing the front yard of a home in Windermere.

Now, town engineers said dozens more homes could be in danger of sinkholes as well.

The sinkhole is off Wax Berry Court, which is off Park Avenue. 

It’s a low-lying area between Crescent Lake and Waussian Bay. Engineers said the ground water system connecting the two bodies of water could have caused the sinkhole to form.

“It was about half that size,” said Paul Padfield. “The depth is about twice as deep as it originally was.”

Padfield noticed the sinkhole Monday morning after taking his son Alex to school.

“I put up the yellow tape to make sure the public was safe,” Padfield said.

Padfield’s insurance company’s geotechnical engineer has taken over the sinkhole assessment, testing the ground and filing a report, which could be released later today.

However, the hole won’t be filled for a couple of days.

“It’s going to be questionable whether this is covered or not,” Padfield said.

The Padfields moved in two years ago and don’t have sinkhole insurance. He said it could cost up to $30,000 to fix the yard.

Neighbors, meanwhile, are scared. Some are thinking twice about purchasing protection against sinkholes.

“That’s why we’re scrambling to get ours and because if it happens there, it’s going to happen elsewhere,” said neighbor Charles Mallo.

At this time, engineers are confident that the sinkhole will remain the same size.

They are also thankful two large trees are there because they said the roots have prevented the sinkhole from swallowing the sidewalk.

This is the second major sinkhole to open up in Windermere this year. In May, a massive sinkhole opened up behind a home less than 4 miles away, on Indian Deer Road.

That sinkhole grew to about 60 feet wide and 30 feet deep before crews filled up the hole. The home on Indian Deer Road, however, was deemed unsafe and a total loss.

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