Grand Blanc Township family hopes to see growing sink hole in their yard finally taken care of after four months

by Michael Mosher on July 14, 2012

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GRAND BLANC TOWNSHIP, MI –Four months ago a 2 foot wide hole formed in Dana Voss’ yard after a pipe collapsed underground.

Today Voss and her family still look at a more than 5 foot wide, 8 foot deep sink hole filled with rocks. The drain is county owned, but besides filling it and fencing it off nothing has been done by Genesee County Drain Commission officials, she said.

“It literally looked like something fell out of the sky and landed there,” said Voss, 32, of Grand Blanc Township. “I just want it taken care of.”

The sink hole now is only about 5 feet away from her house, which is located on Mill Wheel Drive in the Wishing Well Subdivision.

When the problem first came up in March, Voss said she was told the project was too big for the drain commission to handle so bids would have to be accepted for the project. But Voss doesn’t understand why it’s taking so long or why she’s having a hard time getting answers.

Genesee County Drain Commissioner Jeff Wright said the project has been delayed because of budget constraints. In 2001 there were 19 staff members to do project like this one, but not there are only three, he said.

The project had to be bid out, which can take about 30 days, he said. But then the whole project was pushed back after a severe storm in May caused flooding issues throughout the entire county.

The county employees had to focus on issues that were the most hazardous, Wright said.

“We totally stabilized her situation,” he said, adding the hole was filled with rocks and a safety barrier was put around it. “What we had to do was prioritize projects.”

The contractor is set to start the project Monday, Wright said. Although, Voss said she hasn’t had anyone directly tell her that.

Dana Voss and her husband, Adam, live in the house with their three kids, ages 3, 4 and 6. And Dana Voss said she still has her concerns.

As the sink hole continues to grow, she’s worried her children will get curious and hurt themselves. Voss is also concerned about damage to her foundation.

And because of the damage to the pipe, May’s storm made it so the drain behind her home did not drain into the nearby creek. Instead her yard flooded, as well as her basement causing damage to everything inside.

She just wants it taken care of so her family doesn’t have to worry about it anymore, especially since she and her husband are expected their fourth child any time now.

Wright said the problem should be resolved soon.

“They’re going to be out there next week and hopefully she will never have to deal with us again,” he said.

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