Growing sinkhole threatening home in Southeast Austin

by Michael Mosher on January 20, 2017

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“I need help. I need somebody to tell me how to prevent this,” said Kris Bryant, a first time homebuyer in Southeast Austin.

A sinkhole is creeping across his backyard and the father of two says he needs help to stop the spread.

“Well the hole was about, I would say, three to four feet wide,” said Bryant.

That was a month ago, long before he understood the depths of his problem.

“It grew!” said Bryant. “It is clearly getting bigger especially as the rain goes on.”

This sinkhole is taking over one side of his backyard. He doesn’t like what he’s seeing above ground, but says it’s what’s hidden below, deeper than he can get to, that has him losing sleep at night.

“I’m really frightened that this is running underneath the house right now,” said Bryant.

His fears are growing, along with the size of the hole. The sinkhole was four feet across in December.

Last week it had spread to five feet and on Wednesday more inches are adding up.

“It’s gone up to six feet,” said Bryant. “No one around here knows what to do.”

So far the City of Austin won’t help because this is private property. His homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover “ground shift.” And Bryant says the closest sinkhole experts are in Dallas.

“I’m actually not very comfortable staying in my house, especially with how much more rain we’re getting,” said Bryant. “For all I know I’m standing over another crevice right now.”

The father of two teenage boys bought the house on Tara Drive in 2008. He says his concerns run deep.

“I’m very concerned for my home and my family and what I’m going to do from here,” said Bryant.

This cavity has already swallowed his peace of mind. He just doesn’t want it to eat up the biggest investment he’s ever made.



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