Homeowner worries shifting foundation may lead to sinkhole

by Michael Mosher on May 13, 2013

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Mary Jackson’s West Jacksonville home is ten years old; from the outside it looks like it is in good shape, but is it?

“I think it is settling,” she said,” the sand is so soft out there if you walk in certain places you will go down.

Since 2003, Jackson has filed a claim for mold damage; her insurance paid for that and most recently, Mary Jackson filed a claim for the shifting in her foundation.

“I discovered the cracks in 2010,” said Jackson, and it is getting worse.”

With all of the attention to sinkholes, Jackson now fears the worst.

“I don’t want to come home one day and the house is split and then I have nowhere to go,” she said. 

But her claim for the foundation was denied, and shortly after that, her homeowner’s insurance policy was canceled.

“My agent told me I had made too many claims,” she said. 

Her mortgage company has given her until March 14th to find a new policy or it will force coverage. The coverage will protect the loan but not her property.

“The homeowner did not cause the problem,” said Jackson.

David Miller, CEO of Brightway Insurance said his industry has taken a stance on sinkhole claims, now they have to pass some tough standards.

“There was so much fraud in the industry that the legislature had to act,” said Miller. 

Miller doesn’t know all of the circumstances surrounding Jackson’s claim, but he said homeowners should know that all catastrophic ground collapse (sinkhole) is covered by a standard homeowner policy.

“The pictures you see of a house falling into the earth that is going to be covered,” said Miller, “what it doesn’t cover is little hairline cracks, cracks in driveways, crack in sidewalks things that are normal settlement.”

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