Interactive Florida Sinkhole Map | Do you live near a sinkhole?


We’ve located a Florida sinkhole map that you can use to see if you live near a sinkhole. These maps show the probability, frequency and density of sinkhole activity in your neighborhood. This database shows reported sinkholes and that certain areas of Florida are very susceptible to sinkhole activity.

According to the State of Florida, here is a list of the Top Ten sinkhole prone counties throughout the state.

  1. Pasco County – Pasco County Sinkhole Map
  2. Hernando County – Hernando County Sinkhole Map
  3. Hillsborough County – Hillsborough County Sinkhole Map
  4. Marion County – Marion County Sinkhole Map
  5. Pinellas County – Pinellas County Sinkhole Map
  6. Citrus County – Citrus County Sinkhole Map
  7. Polk County – Polk County Sinkhole Map
  8. Orange County – Orange County Sinkhole Map
  9. Seminole County – Seminole County Sinkhole Map
  10. Lake County – Lake County Sinkhole Map