Large sinkhole limits access to shelter, restaurants

by Michael Mosher on August 13, 2012

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A large sinkhole closed a small road in Wadesboro near Highway 74 and Highway 52 Friday.

One person described the sinkhole as so big you can put a car in it.

Three buildings in the area had to close: McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and a local homeless shelter, Harvest Ministries.

The pastor at the homeless shelter, Steve Adams, had to quickly find temporary housing for the people staying at the shelter. 

Police Chief Janie Schutz said the street is private property. The owner has had problems with the road before and has patched things over the years. 

Schutz said, until the owner of the property gives permission to have the road fixed it will stay the same.

It will likely take four to six weeks to fix, according to Schutz.  She adds that is a long time for three businesses to stay closed, and a long time for fast food employees to go without work.

Schutz said, “When you look at someone earning minimum wage here in Wadesboro that needs a check to come in…I’m very concerned.”

Schutz is working to see what it would take to put in a temporary road to connect the restaurants and shelter with the rest of the world. So far, there’s no word on her progress.

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