Messy sinkhole repair work in Huntsville’s Big Spring International Park

by Michael Mosher on September 15, 2014

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HUNTSVILLE, Alabama – A popular corner of Big Spring International Park is going to be a torn-up mess for the next few weeks.

Construction workers this week carved a deep trench just a few steps from where John Hunt founded the city in 1805. Large metal slabs are being lowered by crane into the trench. The inter-connected metal sheets are supposed to block the flow of underground water and steer it back toward the canal, where it belongs.

Water from the Big Spring basin has been escaping beneath the old canal walls and pooling underground, causing sinkholes in the east side of the park  near Huntsville City Hall.

That area has been off-limits to the public since late May.

The city is paying Miller & Miller $123,950 to install the corrugated metal plates – called sheet piling – and inject structural foam into the ground to fill the subterranean cavities. Miller & Miller will also rebuild sidewalks in that area using the same design found on the Courthouse Square and Washington Street downtown.

Huntsville General Services Director Jeff Easter said the water-blocking metal sheets will stay in the ground permanently, buried about two feet below the surface. “You won’t even know it’s there,” he told earlier this month.

The contract gives Miller & Miller until Nov. 13 to finish the job.

Check out this video of the repair work taken Wednesday, Sept. 10.


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