New Mexico: Mysterious hole opens up in Magdalena

by Michael Mosher on July 29, 2012

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How would you like to walk outside and find a hole in your yard that’s eight feet wide and too deep to tell? That’s what happened to the Pino family in Magdalena.

Juan Pino has been living there since he was a baby. He’s the one who found the hole a couple of weeks a go.

“Woke-up one morning and came out the door- looked something out over here- then I came walking over here to see what it was- and I find a big hole,” he said.

He’s not really sure what to do about the hole, which appears to be at least 60 feet deep. His family first called the authorities, and they’ve even had people from New Mexico Tech come and take samples from the giant hole.

It’s turned into a local tourist attraction, Pino said.

“Yeah- we’ve had quite a few people come by and check it out- checked out the hole,” he said.

For now, the Pino family has roped off the hole and covered it up. It’s in an area that the family has used as their playground and family get togethers.

“I hope that there’s only hole that we find here- I hope there isn’t going to be another one- and I’m afraid for the kids,” Pino said.

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