No sink hole in Tylerville

by Michael Mosher on October 7, 2013

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TYLERVILLE — It is not a sink hole.

James L. Lawrence, Jefferson County highway superintendent, determined Friday afternoon that what Tylerville residents thought was a sink hole is not. It’s a rock crevice, he said.

He made that determination after going to the tiny hamlet to look at the 18-foot-deep hole in the middle of the road on County Route 69.

To play it safe, county work crews put barriers around the hole and reduced the road to one lane Friday morning after resident Kenneth R. Overton called earlier in the day about the dark hole. He and other residents assumed it was a sink hole.

“We are 100 percent confident it’s safe with the lane closure,” Mr. Lawrence said.

About two weeks ago, Mr. Overton wondered why there was a puddle in the middle of the road near his home at 28532 County Route 69.

Riding on his tractor Thursday night, he got a better view and figured it was a sinkhole.

On Monday, the highway department work crew with heavy equipment will start digging, Mr. Lawrence said.

Looking into the hole with a flashlight, Mr. Overton and neighbor Shawn K. Russell, 28545 County Route 69, said it appears to connect to an underground crevice that comes from the southwest and another that heads in the direction of a creek, just northeast of the hamlet.

Two years ago, Mr. Russell discovered a sink hole on his property and has since been trying to fill it in. He surmised the most recent hole may be connected to his. 

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