NO SINKHOLES at Gateway Pond!

by Michael Mosher on June 13, 2013

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Councilman Young told WGNS News that the 16-inch line that carries the effluent water from a pump to the pond has a run of approximately 600 feet. Plus, that pipe is burried around 20 feet underground. (above photo shows Councilman Young standing beside the hole that crews have scooped out to get to the pipe)

Earth X-Ray To Show If Pipe Has Additional Leaks

Young noted that there are two ways to repair the leaking pipe. But first, an ultra-sound type picture of the earth will be made. It will show if the deeply buried water line has other leaks. From that information, engineers will decide whether it’s wisest to replace the entire section of pipe or to push a slightly smaller piece of line into the leaking section–thus creating a sleeve that will stop the leak.

For Now Gateway Pond is Waterless

Councilman Young points to repairs that city engineers have made to stop earthern leaks in the pond. The city’s effluent water fills the pond in approximately two-days and surrounds the island that has become a popular attraction for weddings, parties and other functions. Walking trails around the pond connect to the city’s greenway system and are filled with walkers and runners daily from dawn to dusk.

What looks like large rocks in the picture below, are actually giant pressure fountains that spray a tower of water twenty feet into the air. There are three huge spayers spaced across the lower section of the pond. Not only does this aerate the water, but it also makes a visually attractive water sculpture that moves with the wind.

The facility is operated by the Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation Department.

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