Pasco County holds meeting on what to do with sinkhole site

by Michael Mosher on November 27, 2017

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LAND O’ LAKES, Fla. – Pasco County officials are holding the first of two meetings this month on what to do with the Lake Padgett Estates neighborhood ravaged by a sinkhole.

Pasco County public infrastructure and public safety staff will present options for what to do with the site based on feedback from county commissioners, engineers and USF geologists.

On July 14, the sinkhole opened up behind a home on Oceans Pine Drive. Crews estimated the hole grew to 260 feet across and about 50 feet deep, swallowing several homes.

Dozens of people attended Saturday’s meeting. The two most popular plans discussed Saturday: Repaving the washed-out road and putting barriers on each side, or removing the water, filling the hole and repaving the whole site.

The second plan could cost between $8 million -$12 million, officials said.

Another option: Creating two cul-de-sacs connecting the pond created by the sinkhole to two nearby lakes.

The property owners of the affected land will have input into what happens next.

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