Pre-Construction Piers

What are Pre Construction Piers?

A Pre Construction Pier is a type of structural pier which is installed below the structure before it is built. The pier is tied into the footer of the structure to keep the structure from moving due to weak or compromised soils. Normally this consists of a type of multi lead Helical Pier which is driven with precision deep into the ground until it rests soundly upon the underlying load-bearing strata.

The Helical Piers are embedded within the foundation via a custom footer bracket. When the building contractor places the concrete foundation, the bracket is essentially embedded into the footer by twisting the rebar into the top bracket thus making the Pre Construction Piers an essential part of the foundation once the concrete has cured.

More and more architects, engineers, and construction professionals are paying closer attention to the potential of soil issues such as buried debris, clay, muck and sinkhole damage. These professionals are taking precautionary measures to prevent the problem before damage begins. By installing a deep foundation system prior to building you can ensure the structure will rest on a solid base for years to come.

Pre-construction Helical Piers are easy to install, only taking  2-3 days to drive and weld a whole house. They are also cost effective when compared to other retrofitted soil improvement systems and all Pre Construction Piers come with Champion Foundation Repair’s Lifetime Warranty on workmanship and materials.

What is the installation method of Pre Construction Piers?

  1. Your engineer’s installation design is reviewed and installation points are marked off in cooperation with your building contractor.
  2. The Helical Piers are hydraulically torque driven into the soils to the specified depths.
  3. Excess pipe is cut at the bottom of the proposed footer and pipe is made ready for the top bracket.
  4. The top bracket is welded to the top of the pier.
  5. Process continues until all the Pre Construction Piers are installed.
  6. Work site is cleaned up.
  7. Champion comes back to work site to make sure that rebar work has been performed correctly before the concrete is poured.

For more information on pre-construction piers or foundation repair please call us at 813-622-6454.

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Since 2011, Champion Foundation Repair Inc honors all warranties we’ve provided to the homeowners who’ve trusted us with their home.  Our warranties are transferable by signing over a transfer of warranty before the closing of your property. Every foundation & sinkhole repair company utilizes their own custom repair systems for their repairs; it  is because of this that we cannot warranty any other companies repairs or adjust any other repairs done by companies currently in business or for companies that have gone out of business. If the repair on your home was done by another repair company please call them first to honor the warranty they gave you.  If you are still experiencing problems with your home or your original repair company has gone out of business we can help by doing additional repairs to your home if needed.