Reverse sinkhole? Florida pool pushed OUT of the ground

by Michael Mosher on August 6, 2015

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015, 11:06 – Sinkhole stories seem more common in Florida than any other state, and images of all or part of homes vanishing into the Earth are familiar to viewers.

But the phenomenon in the video above is almost like the literal reverse of a sinkhole.

A family in the town of Holiday heard cracking noises Monday, and checked outside to find their below ground pool was shifting above ground.

They called 911 immediately, but the upthrust didn’t last long, and it seems the only other part of the house under threat is their porch.

A building inspector called it a “popped pool,” and heavy rains may be to blame.

Holiday is in one of three Florida counties with evacuation orders in effect, thanks to rainfall that the Tampa Bay Tribune says has lasted on and off for around 11 days. Monday seems to have been the worst day, with some parts of the state recording more than 6.7 inches in just 12 hours.

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