Sinkhole closes Black Lane in Oxford Township

by Michael Mosher on December 5, 2012

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A gaping sinkhole in Oxford Township has closed Black Lane and a bridge connecting Oxford and Conewago townships.

The sinkhole is 18 feet wide and 20 feet deep and is expected to take the rest of the week to repair, according to officials with the state Department of Transportation.

“Police noticed a dip in the road on Sunday and then closed the road,” said Greg Penny, a spokesperson for PennDOT. “The sinkhole opened after the road was closed.”

Estimates show that the sinkhole will cost $20,000 to fill and repair, a relatively low cost for this type of a project, said Penny.

“It would have cost more if we were not getting help from the quarry.”

Vulcan Materials, a stone quarry located on adjacent

Oxford Avenue, is donating equipment and assistance to PennDOT, which has, “speeded the response and lowered costs,” said Penny.

Because of its close proximity to the bridge, officials are concerned that the sinkhole might have caused structural damage. PennDOT will inspect the bridge and check for any weaknesses or openings in the surrounding ground before the bridge is reopened.

“We have to make sure there was no movement,” Penny said. “It is much easier to fix a road than a bridge, and much less expensive.”

Black Lane will be closed to traffic between Oxford Avenue and Mount Misery Road until the end of the week. A detour along Irishtown and Edgegrove roads will be available for motorists.

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