Sinkhole forms in neighborhood, threatens home

by Michael Mosher on November 3, 2017

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MARION COUNTY, Fla. (WCJB) — Authorities in Marion County, Florida are monitoring a 30-foot wide sinkhole that opened up along a neighborhood intersection earlier this week.

Now, it’s threatening a home.

Neighbors in the area say they’re worried it may continue to grow.

“I certainly hope it doesn’t come close to my house,” said Bob McCormick, an area resident.

McCormick and his neighbors say they’ve never seen a sinkhole this big open up in their Rolling Greens retirement community.

“I got curious so I had to come and see this, then my wife got home and she said she wanted to see it, so I’m back over here,” he said.

The 15-feet deep and 25-feet long sinkhole opened up around 3 a.m. Tuesda. Neighbors are concerned the family’s home that sits so close to the hole may be in danger.

“It’s going to get bigger, we know that,” McCormick said. “Looks like we’re going to get more rain and that’s bad news.”

Marion County deputies have closed down the private roadway, and the Homeowners Association and property management have been notified.

Deputies say the people who live in the home voluntarily evacuated.

Paul Bloom said, “We’re asking citizens to please stay away from it. I know it’s something curious and you want to go up there and look down in it, but certainly keep kids away.”

And residents say they want the sinkhole filed as soon as possible.



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