Sinkhole in Smyrna troubles businesses

by Michael Mosher on July 17, 2014

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SMYRNA, Ga. – Businesses along a busy Smyrna road are concerned about a huge sinkhole. Steve Josey of Mark C. Pope & Associates said that he warned transportation officials that the ground below Martin Court was about to give way. “It was not a hazardous issue and it has become one that needs to be addressed immediately and we’re doing so,” Bill Shelton of the Cobb County Department of Transportation. The sinkhole doubled in size overnight. “This summer’s been unbelievable with the rain we’ve had and this is not the first sinkhole we’ve had this year,” Shelton said.  “We’ve uncovered two or three a week.” Josey said that the road is needed to run equipment in and out of his business. “Well, it could cost me a lot of time and extra effort transporting material around the building or up the street in order to change,” Josey said. The county says it will take them several weeks to for the sinkhole repair.

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