Sinkhole Near Suwannee County Courthouse

by Michael Mosher on July 4, 2012

There are hundreds of sinkholes in North Central Florida. All developing in the wake of tropical storm Debby..
Many of those sinkholes are in Suwannee County and one of them is right by the county courthouse.

The sink hole is 50 feet wide but only a foot and a half deep.
even though the sinkhole hasn’t caved in, it’s affecting local business owners in downtown Live Oak.

“It was devastating,” said Hal Airth. 
That’s how local business owner Airth describes how tropical storm Debby left his community.
His attorneys office was flooded with more than nine inches of water, forcing him to replace the carpet. 

“Wednesday morning the water had receded past the building and in about 30 minutes it all disappeared. It was more than ways deep in the intersection and in 30 minutes it was gone because it broke through into the cavern where the sinkhole is trying to open up,” said Airth. 
Suwannee County Sheriff Tony Cameron told us it’s currently a foot and a half deep and he doesn’t know if it’s going to get deeper. 
“We’ve had geologist for the past two days. We are running ground penetration radar all over that area. All around the buildings and in the area where the actually sinkhole is,” said Cameron. 
It’s near the Suwannee Courthouse and a part of the hole runs through the courthouse parking lot. 
Some business buildings have cracks that were caused by the sinkhole.Those business owners had to close down.
Cameron said these buildings will most likely be condemned,
but other buildings may be fine. 

“Areas out around the outside of it have been tested and we don’t feel there is any danger of losing the courthouse or any government buildings up there,” said Cameron. 
He told us they moved records from the courthouse to a more secure place.
While we were in Live Oak, residents stopped by to see the sinkhole. Some of them saying they have never seen one up close.
“I wanted to see what the sinkhole look like and take some pictures because I am headed up north tomorrow hopefully to visit my sister- in -law who use to live here and she would like to see it,” said Avery McCabe.
Sheriff Cameron said residents who use well water should be boiling the water. One reason is because surface water is going into these sinkholes and it could be contaminated.
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