Sinkhole pane for Rod

by Michael Mosher on September 26, 2012

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ROD Clifton can be excused for getting a sinking feeling while driving home from the shops to his Carramar home last week.

As he was driving through the roundabout at Sherton and Rustic drives in Carramar, the seemingly normal road in front of him opened up as his four-wheel-drive drove over it.

“The road didn’t have any water on it, there were no cracks, it looked like any other piece of road, but it gave way when I drove over it,” he said.

“I just saw the nose of my car dip down into a hole that opened up – I was completely shell-shocked. It’s lucky I was in such a big car that didn’t sink all the way down so we were able to get out OK.”

It is believed workers installing cable damaged a water main, eroding the earth beneath the road.

Mr Clifton, who owns a window cleaning business, said he had $25,000 worth of industrial window cleaning equipment on the back of his vehicle.

“Now I just want to get my car back on the road so I can continue with my business,” he said.

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