Sinkhole Repair Process

Stages of the Sinkhole Repair Process

Once you have gone through the testing phase and your insurance company gives you the engineer’s findings, it’s time to start interviewing sinkhole repair companies for the subsurface work. This is core of the remediation process and sets the tone for how the house is stabilized and ultimately finished. Choosing the best sinkhole repair company makes all the difference in the world.

The Report Comes Back…

When your adjuster calls or sends you the results of your sinkhole investigation, you now have the document in your hands that tells you exactly what is causing movement or damage on your property and how dangerous it currently is. Most subsurface problems need to be addressed but are not considered to be a current safety issue.

At this point you will start getting bids from sinkhole stabilization contractors as well as general cosmetic contractors. The insurance company may provide you a list of contractors or you may wish to find your own. Either way, it’s time to get these companies out there are start getting the work bid.

Where Champion comes in….

If you’ve chosen Champion Foundation for your sinkhole repair there are a few things that are done immediately:

  • First, some documents are signed. These include the contract, Notice of Commencement, Permit, and Mortgage Information documents.
  • Insurance & Mortgage companies notified that Champion has been selected for the repair work and correspondence begins and files are opened.
  • The engineer of record is notified, asked to prepare signed and sealed documents for permitting and started looking for a date that they can set aside to monitor the repair.
  • Champion will make an appointment to do a Pre Construction site inspection of the property to identify any possible site issues and take a photographic record for all parties before the work begins.

Save the Date!

Once the paperwork process has been started and deposit on its way, the work is scheduled and a date is set with the your engineering company to oversee the repair. Once the sinkhole repair is started your stabilization will continue straight through until the job has been completed. The exceptions to this are multiple repair processes with mandatory intervals in between, unforeseen events and Acts of God.

Here we go…

Your sinkhole repair will proceed as outlined in your engineer’s specifications. Average time for these processes can be anywhere from a week to three weeks depending on the scope of repair. Daily work is completed on your property and your home is cleaned up daily, unlike companies that leave your house disturbed and in disarray until the end of the job when it’s time to get paid. As work is completed, those areas are cleaned and equipment and materials are removed from your house, until the last point is installed and landscaping restoration begins. Once the stabilization process on your home is complete and your landscape revived, there is a post construction walkthrough with you to make sure that Champion has completed its work with your satisfaction.

Ok, now what?

Once your home has been stabilized, your engineering company will prepare the installation report and send that to both you and your Insurance adjuster. At this point your home is stabilized and there is a 60 day cool down period before the engineer wishes the post cosmetic repair to begin.