Sinkhole swallows cab of semi-truck in Mission, Kan.

by Michael Mosher on January 14, 2014

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MISSION, Kan. – Mission police suspect all of the rain Saturday caused a sinkhole to open up and swallow a semi-truck.

The tractor trailer fell a few feet down into the hole in the parking lot of the Mission West Plaza off of Martway Street.

Several people surrounded the truck shocked by how large this sinkhole was.

Mission police are waiting for a full report, but they do suspect the rainfall caused the ground the crumble.

The driver of the semi, Steve Morris, said he parks there often during his trips coast to coast.

He wasn’t inside the truck at the time but was in disbelief and thankful he wasn’t when he found out what happened.

“It was like wow. My boss called me, I thought he was joking. He said the police called and said your truck is sinking. I got down here and because of all the rain a sinkhole had just engulfed that tree down and I guess it just fell in,” Morris said.

Ashley Chisam, of Kansas City, watched as the truck was pulled out of the sinkhole.

“You hear about grounds collapsing on the news a lot, but you never think you’d see it,” she said. “I was driving by and I saw it and how they got it out of there was just mind-blowing.”

Crews were able to get the truck out of the sinkhole. The driver is not yet sure how much damage the collapse caused.

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