Sinkhole swallows widow’s home

by Michael Mosher on June 21, 2012



When Mike Richards laid his eyes on what a sinkhole did to his neighbor’s house, only one thing came to mind.

“I said, ‘Oh my gosh,'” Richards recalled.

A huge sinkhole opened just before 3 o’clock Wednesday. The homeowner wasn’t there at the time, which was fortunate because it didn’t take long to swallow up the backside of the house.

Even hours later stuff was still sliding around.

“You just look over there and the whole back end of the house flipped down into the hole,” Richards continued. The damage attracted plenty of onlookers, gasping in awe at a house that appeared to be turned inside out.

Dave Taylor says he’ll be keeping a close eye on it overnight. He’s the next door neighbor, he was told to evacuate.

“When I’m awake, I hope it’s still there in the morning,” Taylor said.

He says his Pasco County neighborhood is prone to sinkholes, but he says he’s pretty sure his house will be fine because he had the ground reinforced a couple years ago.

“I would say 45 out of the 90 have sinkholes,” he offered.

Taylor says he feels terrible for his neighbor. She’s an elderly widow who lost her husband a few years ago and there lived alone. Now, posted on her garage door, is a bright orange sign: “CONDEMNED.”

“She cried,” Taylor added. “It’s her house. She walked in and saw it.”

The homeowner is staying with family for the night.

More extensive surveys of the sinkhole are expected over the next few days.

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