Sinkhole takes up entire length of home

by Michael Mosher on September 15, 2014

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Neighbors of Foxtrace in Hubert say they have a sinkhole problem. Neighbors say one sinkhole is getting so big they’re concerned it may pull in nearby houses.

Josh Ahlborm has a sinkhole that reaches from the back of his yard to the front on Parnell Road. He said the ground caved in last month. He’s blaming the hole on a poor drainage system

“It’s dumping a lot of water onto my property and it created enough erosion to make all the dirt for the entire length of my house fall in,” Ahlborm said.

Ahlborm says every time it rains the sinkhole gets bigger and bigger.

“Every time it rains I have to worry if my house is going to fall in because if nothing’s done eventually it will,” Ahlborm said.

Typically drainage systems can handle a lot of flood water but Ahlborm says these pipes can’t.

“As erosion continues to take its toll from the drainage system just being here eventually the road is going to collapse,” Ahlborm said.

He says Parnell road already has some cracks in it but because it’s a private road NCDOT will not touch it.

“The most frustrating part is I don’t know who to talk to get this taken care of,’ Ahlborm said.

He said he’s contacted several agencies with no luck so far.

“I’ve contacted the Department of Natural Resources, Web Creek Sewage, ONWASA, and some other companies in the area but nobody is claiming responsibility for it,” Ahlborm said.

Neighbors tell NewsChannel 12 that the developers, Hooks & Kinslaw, are not returning their calls because they’re bankrupt. We tried contacting the developers but could not independently confirm that. We also contacted Webb Creek Water & Sewage Inc in Hubert but they’re closed on weekends.

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