Sinkhole threatens Butte woman’s home

by Michael Mosher on August 13, 2012

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BUTTE,Mont. –

Charlene Preston says she’s reached her limit with a sinkhole that is quickly devouring her back yard.

“At first it was just a sinkhole, now it’s just everything.  We do the best that we can to get by and yet something like this, they just say to us that ‘We know it’s a hole and we don’t know where it came from,’ and that’s it,” said Preston.

After two months of searching for answers the sinkhole is continuing to grow at high speeds and Preston worries that it will one day swallow the home she has lived in for more than 40 years.

“July 11th is when I started to try and get people to come down and look at this to give me some answers,” Preston added.

The city has sent various officials over to her property to take a peek inside the giant hole.

“At first he couldn’t reach the bottom and then he started probing around and then it tunneled, and it tunneled right towards the power company,” Preston explained about her experience with the city workers.

Still no one could provide her with an answer as to why it’s happening or any sort of solution to fix it.

What’s scarier is that at the beginning of the summer the sinkhole only required two or three shovels worth of dirt to fill it.

Now, more than two months later, the sinkhole requires 10 to 12 wheelbarrows worth of dirt per week, and the family says it’s still not enough.

The geological damage the sinkhole is causing is starting to affect  Preston’s house.

The walls have begun to crack, the cabinets are warping, and the whole building is starting to tilt.

“It’s not just me, you know, it’s all along Phillips Street and Goodwin Street where they have all had these problems, and it’s kind of like none of us really realized it, but there is quite a few people involved,” Preston said.

The insurance company was notified of the sinkhole but they informed the family that sinkholes are not covered.

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