Sinkhole threatens home, forces family to evacuate

by Michael Mosher on August 21, 2012

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A Seminole County home remains evacuated now that a sinkhole has appeared underneath it. 

The sinkhole forced a family of five to abandon the house, located on Lake Como Drive in Lake Mary. 

Firefighters told the neighbors it could keep growing. 

Although the hole is small, part of it is underneath the house which is covered in cracks. 

The five-foot deep hole doesn’t look big, but it is already causing big problems for Debbie Coffman’s family. 

“When it’s your property and your house, it’s devastating,” she said. 

The family of five has been staying at a hotel since the sinkhole caved in Sunday morning. 

In the meantime, officials have asked neighbors to keep an eye on the hole in case it spreads. 

Sinkholes usually open when there is a lot of rain, or no rain. This month, Seminole County has been dryer than usual, but just over the last few days it’s received a couple inches of rain. 

In May, Coffman was going to put in wood floors when a worker pulled back the carpet and found cracks. A few months later the hole opened. Now it has to be filed with concrete. 

The fix is expected to cost more than $300,000, which Coffman’s homeowners insurance will pay for because the damage is considered catastrophic, meaning it is threatening the entire house. 

However, Coffman would have needed specific sinkhole coverage to fix those cracks in the house had the hole not opened. 

The Coffman’s don’t know when, or if they will be back home again. 

“I don’t know, fix the house, get out of the house, whatever it takes.” 

The Coffman’s insurance will only pay up to $330,000 so some of the damage, like the cracks inside of the house, will not be covered. 

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