Sinkhole Threatens Oklahoma City Condominiums

by Michael Mosher on July 18, 2012


Some metro condominium owners are concerned their property value is slipping away, literally.

They say the foundation at the Hemmingway Condos near I-44 and Penn is shaky to say the least. City leaders say they’ve leveled the sinkhole off by filling it with dirt, which is all they can do, yet these luxury condos keep sinking.

The city says this is a top priority, but one homeowner says they were told that a year ago and now they’re fed up and nervous.

“I can’t quit crying. It’s just really hard. Everyone needs to be moved out immediately,” said homeowner Judy Mase.

But nothing will happen anytime soon. The HOA is looking to the city for help and in the meantime Hemmingway’s HOA has attempted to level the parking lot, but the problem dates back to the 1980’s.

“This just used to be a big hole that they filled in with dirt and built on top of it and its been washing out,” Mase said.

And homeowners can’t walk away from their homes without taking some kind of loss because even realtors won’t list the condos.

“I’m just upset. I was going to put my home on the market and move into a retirement community and I needed that because I am disabled and I can’t even do that,” said Mase.

The underground channel was built in 1957.

“Our engineers are filling the sinkhole with sandy material and are actively working to create a temporary solution to stabilize it,” said city spokesperson, Kristy Yager

The city would have to pass a bond issue to replace the channel and News 9 is told issues like this could takes years to before it goes to a vote.

The city just filled the hole with dirt this weekend and will continue to monitor the property.

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