Sinkhole traps dozens of residents in Marietta mobile home park

by Michael Mosher on January 20, 2014

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CBS Atlanta News


A sinkhole on a bridge at a mobile home park in Marietta trapped dozens of residents inside the complex early Monday morning.

According to a property manager, the sinkhole formed at about 4 a.m., rendering the only road in and out of the Pine Haven community unusable for automobiles.

Some residents said it’s not the first time the bridge has collapsed.

“I can’t speak to that exactly, it may have been before we owned the community,” said Manager Randy Iaquinto of RHP Properties.

He said they acquired the property in January.  Another property manager on site said the previous owners went out of business, which is why RHP Properties purchased the complex.

“My contractors are meeting me out here, and we’ll make the appropriate repair. As soon as we heard about it, we came out on site,” said Iaquinto.

Many residents had to call on cab drivers and friends to pick them up for work, while several others were stuck, waiting for the road to reopen.

Iaquinto said they expected to have a temporary passage set up for people to get their cars out by late Monday afternoon.

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