Temple Alley Sinkhole

by Michael Mosher on June 24, 2013

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A Temple couple got seriously stuck while driving their vehicle down an alley about 12:30 p.m. Saturday.

Isaac Gomez, 25, and his wife, Amri, were on West Avenue B in their 2012 Jeep Liberty when they turned into the alley between the 100 block of South 27th Street and South 29th Street. They live on East Central Avenue and frequently use the alley, he said. Doritha Honeycutt rode in the back seat.

Realizing he was stuck, Gomez said, he put the Jeep in four-wheel drive, then reverse, before deciding he might only make things worse. He got out on his side, but his wife couldn’t open the passenger door. Honeycutt stepped out and sank into the mud up to the shin of her left leg, she said. The Jeep kept sinking until it was up to the hubcap on both of the right-side tires.

The couple noticed a traffic cone halfway up the alley, and Amri said she called a city emergency number. The man who answered told her a work order had been submitted about a leak but that no one had been sent out, she said. He asked if they needed a tow truck, but they had already called one.

Jeannie Morris, who lives nearby, said her husband, Ted, called the city on Thursday about water running down the street. She said they told him it was a water leak and asked if it had affected their water pressure.

No one at the city utilities services department was available for comment Saturday evening.

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