TS Debby leaves path of sinkholes behind in Marion County

by Michael Mosher on June 28, 2012

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The remnants of Tropical Storm Debby have moved on, but dozens of sinkholes have since popped up in Marion County.

Dozens of sinkholes, some small, others super-sized, are now the top topic of conversation and concern in The Villages.

Bonnie Hanna’s been taking photos of a massive sinkhole since it opened up just in time for Debby’s soaking rains, the storm quickly overwhelming a repair operation.

“It was about 20-foot long and the next day all the water in the lake was gone,” said Hanna. “The whole lake was gone. The whole lake drained into that sinkhole.”

Some homeowners have since taken their concerns to a community meeting.

“And I asked, ‘Where’s all that water that went down the drain? Is it making caverns for all of our houses here?’ And nobody would answer my question,” said Hanna.

Officials with The Villages said they’re surveying the sinkholes and will fix those in common areas like those that forced a golf course to close.

But homeowners like Joseph Fenster hope insurance will cover their damage. A huge sinkhole just feet from his pool is pulling apart his patio and damaging his home’s foundation.

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