VIDEO: Horse rescued from sinkhole in Springville

by Michael Mosher on October 11, 2012

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A horse in Springville is OK after falling in a sinkhole at a home farm on Highway 11 early Wednesday morning.

The homeowner called the Springville Fire Department for assistance in getting him out. They called Dr. Phillip Gleason with Argo Animal Clinic who brought straps to pull the horse out of the hole.

“The only thing we could see was the head and neck and her back bone. We put the strap underneath her shoulders,” Gleason said.

After putting the strap under the horse, whose name is Cheyenne, firefighters put a strap on Dr. Gleason so he wouldn’t drown while trying to help her.

Cheyenne is a 15-year old mare, blind in one eye, who is also one of Dr. Gleason’s patients. He says she was very calm while all this was going on and she seemed to know they were trying to save her. Her owners were very concerned.

“Cynthia and Carl [were] saying prayers, we had to have a little divine intervention for this to be a success,” Gleason said.

Finally with the help of Springville firefighters and Dr. Gleason, Cheyenne got enough footing to get out and is now doing just fine. The veterinarian gave her some antibiotics and painkillers, then she got a much-needed bath.

Dr. Gleason says he doesn’t know how long she was stuck in the hole. He was worried about hypothermia since her body was about five degrees below normal, but luckily, thanks to her rescuers, she’s expected to be her old self in about a week.

“It always makes you feel better when you have a family and community effort come together and you’re able to save an animal’s life,” Dr. Gleason said.

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