Video Report: Arlington sinkhole causes for worry with residents

by Michael Mosher on August 16, 2012

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Kernan Boulevard has a lot of traffic and it is usually moving fast.

“The way these kids go through here, they are flying down the road,” said Nancy Stoner. 

Stoner lives near Kernan and for the past few weeks, she has watched a small problem become a big concern.

“I just want to see it fixed before something bad really happens,” she said.

It is not exactly in the middle of Kernan Boulevard, but it is close to the shoulders and it is very wide and deep. Some may call it a road depression but it is a sinkhole.

It was created by the torrential downpour from Tropical Storm Debby.

“It keeps getting bigger and bigger,” said Stoner.

When it was first reported, the city had barricades placed near the hole, but they’ve been there so long the caution tape is no longer a deterrence and the flashing lights are burned out.

“The warning lights don’t work,” said Stoner, “I’ve never seen them work.”

The manhole cover reads it is part of the FDOT Storm System, but DOT says it is the city’s responsibility.

It is not a threat to anyone’s home, but it is close to the road that leads to a church and it is close to Kernan. Stoner and her neighbors would like it repaired yesterday.

“Every time it rains, you can see more wash away,” said Stoner.

City spokesperson Debbie Delgado says there are approximately 40 sites that FEMA is now evaluating due to TS Debby.

She said FEMA and Public Works inspected the Kernan sinkhole this week and FEMA will submit their findings soon and repair will commence.

In the meantime, the city is placing another barricade and Public Works may put fill dirt in for now while they wait on FEMA’s reports.

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