Video Report: St. Cloud family forced from home by city due to sinkhole

by Michael Mosher on September 8, 2012

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A St. Cloud family is being forced to leave their home because of a slowly growing sinkhole. 

Nicole O’Rear believes her 30-year-old home on Florida Avenue is slowly being cracked apart by a sinkhole, but she said her insurance company won’t listen and now the city is kicking her family out. 

O’Rear’s life is crumbling quite literally like the home she lives in. A year ago, she and her husband started noticing cracks in their home and since then, the problem has gotten worse and the stress has built. 

“We knew we had to call our insurance company right away so we did,” said O’Rear. 

The O’Rears said their insurance company, Gulfstream Casualty, has known about the problem for 12 months, but have yet to send an engineer to inspect the home. 

Letters from Gulfstream blame shrinking cement materials. 

The family has hired a lawyer but they’ve also been ordered out of the crumbling structure. The city of St. Cloud will condemn it on Monday because it’s too dangerous to live in. 

“Gone. My life, my home, my family. Sorry, I’m getting a little emotional,” said O’Rear. 

O’Rear cares for her kids and her disabled military veteran husband. With no financial assistance from Gulfstream Casualty, she’s scrambling to move out of her crumbling home. 

She estimates any action from her insurance company is still months away. 

WFTV talked to Gulfstream Casualty and Property Insurance on Friday. They told WFTV they’d have to get back to us about why they’re not providing any financial assistance to the family as they are being forced to find another home. 

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