Wagoner County woman fights city as sinkhole continues to expand in her home’s driveway

by Michael Mosher on July 17, 2013

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A  Wagoner County woman worries as a sink hole in her front yard is starting to swallow her driveway.

Anita Hulsey says every time it rains this circle gets wider and the hole gets deeper.

Hulsey moved into this house at the beginning of March and when the moving van backed in the driveway it barely made it out.

“The truck just fell in the hole,” Hulsey said.  

She says the truck uncovered the sink hole, and they used steel beams and cinder blocks, plus a 40-ton jack and 30-ton jack to get the truck out.

Hulsey now wants this hole filled, but for the last month, she has been unable to find anyone to take responsibility for it.

“I’ve called four or five places here in Wagoner County and they don’t want to do anything about it,” she said.

Those calls were to Wagoner County District 2 and 3 county commissioners, the City of Porter and its city councilors.

The City of Porter said the hole isn’t their responsibility because it’s on Hulsey’s property.

However, they said they will fill it just to help.

Hulsey believes this is the city’s problem because she can see their water lines, and she believes crews initially didn’t correctly fill in the hole.

As the ground crumbles around her, Hulsey isn’t sure what caused this sink hole. She is just thankful because tomorrow morning it is getting fixed.

Hulsey is also worried about the future of her property. There are a few soft spots around this sinkhole, and she fears those could cave in any day.

“Be careful where you step,” she said. “Be careful where you drive. You never know what you’ll find underneath or if it will take your car with you.”

If this does happen again, or the sinkhole opens back up, there is no guarantee that the city will fill it. So tomorrow’s fix could be only be temporary

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