A warranty is a future contract between two parties which says the party that provided the service or product will stand behind the said work or service for a certain period of time. Companies that do not offer any type of warranty are trying to make money without the responsibility. Responsibility and service are what separate the good companies from the rest. With Champion there will not ever be a problem, because we stand by our work. We’d like to take a few sentences here and explain the difference between a “Limited Lifetime Repair” and a “30 Year Limited Warranty”. “Limited Lifetime Warranties” have been determined by the Florida State Supreme Court to have a potential life of as little as seven (7) years. This is due to the fact that the nature of the term “Lifetime” is not defined in construction repair issues. A thirty (30) year warranty is just that, it lasts for 30 years. It lasts from just after the install date to the same date 30 years in the future. If I had the choice of a 7 year and a 30 year warranty, it would be no question for me.

Your property is the quite possibly the biggest investment you will ever make and only the finest materials should be used. Other companies may use sub standard material and market themselves as the best. It may be the material they can best make a profit on. When in doubt, ask to see the materials they are using. Many are much smaller in size and support. We have tested other materials and at Champion we use FASTEEL for a reason; it is the best, most durable product on the market today.